Self-defence when you’re unarmed

These days danger lurks in the unlikeliest of places. Leave alone quiet streets or lonely alleys – which could be an attacker’s paradise, even crowded and busy areas – are easy targets. Why, places which we thought would be safe havens for children and women can’t even be trusted anymore. It is not only sad, but utterly shameful, that day by day, these atrocities are only on the rise.

I still remember my friend’s mother advice who had told us never to run when attacked by a stranger. Easier said than done I guess. But her logic was that by trying to escape from the scene, we’re exposing our fear. “Instead, stun them by fighting back”, she had said, punching a tight fist with all her might, into thin air.

Not all of us may be strong or brave enough to fight back. But remember, attackers themselves are no martial art pros. Its only because of sheer physical strength they tend to overpower us. A good presence of mind and the right defense moves is all one requires to thwart an attack.

Here are some basic self-defense techniques that can come in handy when you’re unarmed. Believe it or not, you can use your body parts as natural weapons to protect yourself even against someone bigger and stronger than you!

Your head
The head can be a great weapon, especially the back of the head (where the skull is thick), and the bony parts of your forehead. A powerful head butt can hurt badly and cause bleeding, and even knock down the attacker.

Your teeth
Bite and dig your teeth hard into any body part. This is will cause instant and intense pain. Make sure to keep this as your last option if any of your other tactics haven’t worked.

Your voice
You voice can be a powerful weapon to chase away the attacker. Like the popular idiom goes – scream your lungs out, with all your might. Make sure it’s guttural- coming from deep within your belly so that others can hear you.

Your hands
If you’re not a trained martial art person, it’s not a good idea to use your hands to punch someone. Instead use your fingers and fingernails to jab the eye. This works best when your attacker’s head is close to yours.

The heel of your palm is another area which can be used to strike effectively. You can you this to give a hard blow to the chin or nose.

The side of the hands work great to hurt the softer parts of the body like the neck and inner joints. Chop fast and hard while keeping your fingers straight.

The elbows
The hard bony protrusions of your elbow can help you strike the attacker when you’re nabbed from behind. Bring your elbows down hard and fast and to the solar plexus or a little lower to the groin area.

Your knees
Your knees can be an effective weapon for groin punches. Bend your knees and send it kicking between the attackers legs. It will instantly make your attacker to let go and naturally get his head lower to the ground.

You can also grab the person’s head, and smash your knee into his face. It doesn’t take much skill to do this

A high kick can throw you off balance. Or worse, the person could grab your leg. Instead use a side kick and aim for the knees or the shin, then quickly retract so that you don’t lose balance. You can break a knee joint if you do this right.

When you’re at close range, stamp down and grind hard on the feet. If you’re wearing high heels, this action can dislocate the knee cap.

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