Protect your child from cyberbullying

30/06/2015 by Aruna Kamath

There used to be a time when bullying was restricted to the school premises. But not anymore! With the emergence of technology and social interaction becoming more and more popular on the net, bullying too has followed suit and taken a nasty online avatar in cyberbullying.

Statistics show alarming figures where cyberbullying has become rampant and is steadily on the rise.  Studies have shown that between 25 percent to 45 percent of teens report being bullied online. Many kids report such treatment having occurred more than once. In such a scenario, it is important for parents to be clued in and have a clear understanding about safety measures to keep their children safe and secure.  Here are some helpful tips for preventing cyberbullying.

Stay updated

Find out how the social networking sites work. Find out the sites that your child is frequenting and keep a close tab of his activities on those sites. Better still, become a part of their circle so that you’re aware of their actions online.


One of the best ways to protect your kids from being victims is to tell them the dangers and negative effects of technology. Sharing examples could give them a better idea.

Install safety software

Use a reputed filtering and blocking software that keeps your child away from sites that you deem unsafe. This software could also double up to monitor his behavior online .

Set Rules

Set a time limit for internet usage and make sure it is strictly followed. Keep them off the internet at night, which is when most instances of cyberbullying occur.

Be alert

Do you notice a sudden change in behavior of your child? Has your child become reclusive, aggressive or behaving strangely in a manner that isn’t expected of him? Or is he having difficulty with school work or is reluctant to go to school? Keep a close watch and if you find any tell tale signs of a change in behavior, your child is probably having some trouble.

Don’t blame

Casting aspersions will victimize and scare your child even more. The best way to diffuse the situation is to have an open conversation and show your complete support to the child. Delve into to the matter and reassure your child that everything is going to be set right. This is the only way your child will come out with the truth.

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