DIY Christmas Ornaments for Kids

Do you need to bring some last-minute colour and cheer to your Christmas tree? Here are a few simple and easy, fun-to-make crafts that even your kids will enjoy making.  What’s more, you can make them all using throwaway household material.

Bottle Cap Snowman: This is one of the easiest deco kids can make . All you need are soft drink bottle caps, a glue tape, few colorful ribbons, shirt buttons along with white paint and black sketch. First attach 3 bottle caps side by side using the tape and paint them in white. After the paint dries out completely, make snowman’s face with the black sketch and stick the ribbons and buttons on the cap snowman.

Decorative hangings: For this you will need few large pieces of furry cloth, colored cloth buttons, few threads and a needle.

Cut the furry cloth into different shapes such as a Christmas tree, a bell, a sock, etc and sew different color buttons onto the cloth. Also stitch a piece of ribbon as hanging.

Reindeer:  A simple reindeer can be made by hand printing. Mark your palm on a thin cardboard and cut it out. Now, add eyes, nose, horns and the decorations that you like on the reindeer.

Yarn wreath: This no-sew, no glue  ornament is super easy to make.  All you need are balls of colourful yarns and old bangles. Take two different colours of yarn. Wrap them around the bangle and tie a  tight knot. Let one end be short and the other long.

Now pull the short end of the string to one side and start looping the long end of the yarn around the bangle till you reach the point where you started. You can do as many layers as you want. When you’re done, take the excess threads and tie a knot to form a loop. Voila you’ve got a bright colourful and cheery ornament ready!

Toilet roll snowman: Making this no-fuss snowman can be great fun with your kids.

You will need simple household materials like bare toilet rolls, glue,  buttons, glue, googly eyes, scraps of fabric, ribbon or an odd mitten/odd socks,

white and orange paint.

To start with, paint the bare toilet roll with white paint. Next, stick the googly eyes and buttons.

Paint a carrot nose and draw on a smile with pen. Tie a length of ribbon or fabric round the tube for a scarf. For the hats you can use an old sock.

Button baubles: Turn colourful buttons into pretty Christmas baubles in a jiffy too. All you need are a handful of colourful buttons and ribbons and bows

Paper cup Christmas Bell: This craft may require a little assistance from an adult. Here’s what you need to make this lovely ornament: Paper cup, gift ribbons, acrylic/poster paint and brush, glitter and pipe cleaner

Punch a small hole at the bottom of a paper cup. Paint the cup with poster paint (if the cup has a glossy or waxy surface, use acrylic paint). Next sprinkle some glitter while the paint is still wet. Create the pendulum by making a small loop on one end of a pipe cleaner. Attach a 3-inch long string to the loop. Insert the free end of the pipe cleaner through the hole you had made. Insert all the way through until the entire length of the pipe cleaner is pulled out. The loop you made earlier on the pipe cleaner will provide as a stopper. String 1 big bead through the pipe cleaner and loop the pipe cleaner and fasten it just above the bead. Cut a satin ribbon and tie it into a bow above the bead and your bell is ready to be hung on the Christmas tree!

Candy Cane Mice: To make these friendly mice, you need felt scraps, candy canes (for the tail), wiggle eyes, small Pom-poms (nose)

Cut body and ears from desired color of felt. Then fold the body in half and cut two slits about two thirds of the way down.  The slits need to be only big enough to slide a candy cane through.
Next, fold the nose back to the first slit and cut two more slits. Slide the ears through these slits. Insert the candy cane through the other slits.

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