All-time favourite kids’ party games

Organising a kids’ birthday party can be a daunting task. It could not only be back breaking but could leave you poorer by a few thousands. While you’re spending a fortune, you also want to make it a memorable celebration for the child and the guests as well. Nothing like conducting a few fun games to entertain the kids and make the party come alive.

Here are some classic, all-time favourite games which won’t cost you the earth.

Musical chairs

Count the number of kids and arrange the same number of chairs in a circle. Ask each child to stand behind the chair. Start playing your child’s favourite music and ask them to run around the chairs. Pull out a chair, stop the music and ask the children to take a chair. The child without a seat does not get to enter the next round.

In the next round you can remove two chairs. The last child to be seated wins.

Balloon Pop

Tie an inflated balloon around each kid’s ankle.  They have to go around and burst the balloons on the other kids while trying to keep their intact. The child who has the inflated balloon at the end of the game is the winner.

Passing the parcel

Ask the children sit in a circle and pass a gift which has been wrapped in several layers. Play music for a while. When it stops, the child holding parcel unwraps a layer. At this stage you could have the child pick a chit that has an instruction to perform an activity. It could be anything ranging from mimicking someone to singing, dancing or reciting a verse backwards. Continue the game until the last layer is unwrapped.  The child who unwraps the last layer wins the gift.

Memory Tray

Collect a few small articles like hair clips, rubber bands, safety pins, pencils, erasers, cell phone charger etc and display them on a tray. Now allow the children to see the articles for minute and take the tray away. Then ask them to list the articles from memory. The child who is able to recollect the most is the winner.

A to Z

Ask the children to sit in a circle and say the letters of the alphabet in sequence – one by one. The  child who gets to say the first letter of his name is out. For instance if the child’s name is Sheila and she says ‘S’, she’s out of the game. Continue the game in a similar manner till the last child is left.

Fun pair-ups

Divide the kids to two equal groups. Distribute strips of paper containing one set of names from a famous  pair of characters. Like Laurel (Hardy), Tom (Jerry), Pooh (Piglet), Jack (Jill), Mickey (Minnie).  Then distribute the other set of names to the remaining kids. Send the groups to two different rooms. When you start the game, the children have to run to each other and find their respective pair. They can do so by shouting out the name in their strip. The first pair to reach the referee wins.

Tailing the donkey

Take a biggish cardboard sheet and draw donkey without a tail to fill up the sheet. Then stick the sheet on the wall at a height that children can reach easily. Blindfold the first player and spin him around.  Direct him to the donkey and ask him to pin the tail.  Allow each child to do the same. Tthe child who has pinned the closest to the donkey’s tail is the winner!

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