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produce and eat a tag. is despatched when a precise condition takes place in your software.

execute a concept (MSG) instruction five-nine. Set Up the Components Neighborhood Chassis Logix5000 controller. In this instance, the controller in the local chassis can creates a tag that is eaten by the controller in the distant chassis.

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The neighborhood controller can also deliver a MSG instruction to the remote controller. Information. Remote Chassis Logix5000 controller.

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Publication ENET-UM001C-EN-P – Oct 2004. Interlocking and Information Transfer in between Controllers. The Logix5000 controller in the nearby chassis and in the distant chassis can be any of the subsequent, with their EtherNet/IP communication modules:

  • 1756 ControlLogix controller with a 1756-ENBT conversation module in the chassis
  • 1769-L35E CompactLogix controller with a constructed-in EtherNet/IP port
  • 1794 FlexLogix controller with a 1788-ENBT EtherNet/IP conversation card
  • PowerFlex 700S with DriveLogix controller and a 1788-ENBT EtherNet/IP interaction card Make positive that:
  • the IP addresses, and other network parameters if vital, are established for each EtherNet/IP conversation module
  • all wiring and cabling is correctly related
  • the interaction driver (this kind of as.

    , AB-ETHIP-1) is configured for the programming workstation If you are sharing tags concerning ControlLogix controllers and the controllers are only sharing tags (not sending messages), set the conversation format of the 1756-ENBT module to None. Organize Tags for Manufactured or Consumed Data. As you organize your tags for created or consumed knowledge (shared knowledge), abide by these recommendations:Create the tags at the controller scope.

    You can share only controller-scoped tags.

  • To share other facts sorts, create a consumer-outlined facts sort that includes the demanded data. Use 1 of these information kinds:rn
  • Use the exact info kind for https://check-my-ip.co/ the made tag and corresponding eaten tag or tags.


  • DINT
  • Real
  • array of DINTs or REALs
  • person-outlined Restrict the dimensions of the tag to ≤ 500 bytes. If you need to transfer much more than five hundred bytes, create logic to transfer the information in packets. Combine knowledge that goes to the similar controller.

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    If you are making several tags for the very same controller:

  • Group the details into one or much more user-outlined facts sorts. (This utilizes considerably less connections than creating every single tag independently. )
  • Group the facts in accordance to very similar update intervals. (To preserve network bandwidth, use a greater RPI for fewer significant details. ) For illustration, you could create a single tag for information that is vital and another tag for information that is not as crucial. Publication ENET-UM001C-EN-P – Oct 2004. Interlocking and Information Transfer amongst Controllers.

    Terminology A Logix5000 controller allows you generate (broadcast) and consume (receive) technique-shared tags. Time period:A tag that a controller makes out there for use by other controllers. A number of controllers can simultaneously consume (acquire) the info. A made tag sends its information to 1 or extra eaten tags (customers) without working with logic.

    The made tag sends its details at the RPI of the consuming tag. A tag that gets the information of a developed tag. The information sort of the consumed tag will have to match the information variety (which includes any array dimensions) of the developed tag.

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