Immunotherapy can bring about a permanent cure for hay fever

Immunotherapy can bring about a permanent cure for hay fever

In the case of hay fever, you should use a pigment-rich, highly opaque agent that is waterproof. Only your doctor who knows how to evaluate your hay fever symptoms can give you a binding recommendation.

The kohl pencil helps with reddened eyes

A make-up tip to retouch your reddened eyes and dark circles with hay fever is to use a light eye pencil. To do this, place the kohl on the lower inner eyelid and move it gently and without pressure along the edge of the eyelid.

A make-up tip: Better to use beige colors, white just looks too unnatural and would even accentuate the red eyes.

Allergy: hay fever – seasonal correlation Pollen allergy: hay fever – correct outdoor behavior Pollen allergy: hay fever and vacation: travel pollen-free Pollen count: Allergy sufferers should stay in the house for 30 minutes during a thunderstorm

Concealer: The useful face masking cream

A face masking cream, also known as a concealer, is extremely helpful for daily beautification because it helps to elegantly cover the redness of the nose and eyes in the case of hay fever. Good concealers come with a practical brush tip with which the cream can be spread directly onto the eyelid and nose. Always choose the concealer a little lighter than your skin tone.

Driving a car is extremely dangerous when you have hay fever. Therefore, the relevant rules of conduct should be taken very seriously and followed for your own safety.

Everything you need to know about hay fever

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Drivers with hay fever live dangerously

Hay fever while driving is not only annoying, it is also extremely dangerous. A related statistic shows that every fourth accident is caused by the urge to sneeze and itchy eyes. These are exactly the symptoms that are triggered by the pollen count. It is important to take measures to expel the pollen from the interior of the car so that the mucous membrane is not additionally irritated.

Be careful when taking medication

Acute symptoms of hay fever can usually be combated with medication. However, you should be very careful with this when driving, because some active ingredients can have tiring side effects, which could limit your ability to drive even more.

Therefore, ask your doctor or pharmacist about the side effects beforehand. Going to the doctor is always recommended for hay fever and may even be vital for the driver.

Pollen filter and cleanliness in the car

However, there are also some guidelines that you as a driver of hay fever should organize yourself for your own safety. This includes the use of a functioning, special pollen filter in the ventilation, which can successfully keep the pollen away for a certain period of time.

Go to the allergist: hay fever- how does the allergy test work? Pollen count: Allergy sufferers should stay in the house for 30 minutes during a thunderstorm. Hay fever: Already take medication Cars and traffic: Autonomous driving – will it soon be possible? Current pollen count

Since the amount is limited, an annual exchange is recommended. In order to avoid direct contact with the tiny pollen grains, you should always keep the windows and sunroof closed when driving in the pollen season. You should also attach great importance to regular and above all thorough cleaning of the entire interior.

Anyone who suffers from hay fever needs a car that is as pollen-free as possible. The most important thing is a good pollen filter. Since 2004, a TÜV certificate has served as a guide when buying.

Everything you need to know about hay fever

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More comfort and security

Hay fever patients struggle with a runny nose and watery eyes. Often there are also sneezing attacks. These complaints can lead to dangerous situations, especially when driving.

A car with as little pollen as possible not only increases the comfort of those affected, but also makes an important contribution to greater safety. In 2004, TÜV Rheinland introduced the “Allergy-tested interior” seal. Only cars that filter at least 98 percent of the pollen from the outside air and meet a number of other criteria can receive the seal.

80 million allergy sufferers

The TÜV not only takes care of hay fever patients during its inspections, but also targets other allergy triggers. According to current estimates, there are around 80 million allergy sufferers across Europe.

Many of them react to pollen, others to dust particles or certain substances. As part of the inspection, the TÜV inspectors therefore look at all the materials that the passengers come into contact with in a car. It is about so-called contact allergies, which can occur, for example, in connection with the seats or the belts.

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Ford as a pioneer

Ford is playing a pioneering role in pollen-free cars. The company has been working closely with TÜV Rheinland since the start of certification. So far it is the only manufacturer who is allowed to advertise with the “Allergy-tested vehicle interior” seal. According to the car manufacturer, 4.5 million vehicles with the test seal are currently on the road across Europe. These include the models Fiesta, Fusion, Kuga, Mondeo, C-Max, S-Max and Galaxy.

With a hay fever app you get the latest pollen forecasts directly on your mobile phone. Corresponding programs are now available both for a fee and free of charge and, in addition to the latest data, also provide helpful tips on the subject of allergies.

Everything you need to know about hay fever

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Free and useful: hay fever apps

If you suffer from hay fever, you can at least partially plan your day according to the expected pollen count.

The prerequisite, however, is that you receive reliable data on the expected intensity of the pollen count and the type of pollen. These and more are provided by various hay fever apps that you can download onto your mobile phone for a fee or free of charge, depending on the provider.

Good tips for everyday life

Which pollen are currently on the way? How intense is the load? And how long does the flowering time of the corresponding plants last? Hay fever apps should answer these and other questions as promptly and up-to-date as possible.

Allergy: hay fever- Seasonal connection Pollen allergy: hay fever and vacation: travel pollen-free Pollen allergy: hay fever- This is how you should behave in the house Pollen count: Allergy sufferers should stay in the house for 30 minutes during thunderstorms Hay fever: Take medication now

Some of the programs also provide tips on pollen avoidance and information on your allergy. Incidentally, if you download a corresponding app for free from a provider, they usually also place advertisements for their own products such as drugs. As a rule, however, this does not reduce the usefulness of the app.

Pollen asthma can develop from hay fever. In many cases, a remedy can be found in immunotherapy in addition to treating the acute symptoms.

Everything you need to know about hay fever

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From hay fever to pollen asthma

Experts estimate that around a third of hay fever patients struggle with pollen asthma after a certain period of time. The asthmatic symptoms no longer only occur in the pollen season, but permanently. Asthma sprays for inhalation can be a good help against acute shortness of breath. Long-term therapy is also important to alleviate the symptoms.

Pulmonary function test for an initial diagnosis

If pollen asthma is suspected, the doctor treating you should do a pulmonary function test. Their results, like the intensity of the symptoms, may make it necessary to intensify the therapy.

If breathlessness and coughing occur three times a week or more often, this indicates that therapy has not been adequate so far. A number of asthma medications are available to help treat the underlying inflammation.

Antihistamines, which are otherwise often prescribed for hay fever, do not have a sufficient effect on pollen asthma. On the other hand, accompanying homeopathic remedies and methods of traditional Chinese medicine can help those affected.

Permanent help with immunotherapy

Immunotherapy can bring about a permanent cure for hay fever. Within three years, the body gets used to the allergen step by step, so that ultimately there are no more allergic reactions to the pollen.

Diseases: Asthma – causes, symptoms and therapy Recognizing symptoms: How hay fever can lead to asthma Allergic reaction: Hay fever as a trigger for cross allergies Pollen count: Allergy sufferers should stay in the house for 30 minutes during a thunderstorm. Pollen allergy: Alcoholic drinks make hay fever worse. Hay fever: Take medication now

Doctors particularly advise patients whose hay fever develops into pollen asthma to desensitize them. On the one hand, it can prevent seasonal asthma from turning into year-round asthma. On the other hand, many sufferers get rid of their hay fever completely with immunotherapy.

Pollen causes hay fever. However, if you have a few behavioral tips, you do not need to forego exercise if you have an allergy.

Everything you need to know about hay fever

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No allergy sufferer needs to do without sport

When the eyes itch and water, the nose runny and the sneezing attacks never end, then the pollen is on the move and spoils the hay fever allergy sufferers’ desire for nature and fresh air. Many of those affected say goodbye to sport during the time of suffering.

However, the longstanding advice from doctors about sedentary behavior no longer applies today. Because in the meantime experts have found out that hay fever and exercise are not only compatible, but are extremely healthy.

By stimulating the lungs and improving the blood circulation, the immune system is strengthened and the body is made more resilient. Improved fitness helps to cope better with everyday life even with hay fever.

Tips for jogging and cycling

Jogging and cycling are the classic endurance sports that anyone can do. You don’t have to do without hay fever either, but when jogging you should ideally run on flat stretches, preferably on the river bank. Glasses should be your constant companion.

If you have problems with allergy symptoms, you can slow down at any time and, if necessary, switch to walking. Cycling is ideal in the mountains, here you avoid a high concentration of pollen as much as possible, but you should wear tight-fitting glasses and a helmet.

Swimming is easy on the back and joints

You can swim with hay fever in lakes and in the sea. This sport is easy on the back, joints and ligaments. Visits to swimming pools should be viewed critically, as the added chlorine can irritate the eyes and mucous membranes.

Pollen allergy: hay fever – correct behavior in the open air First see a doctor: Avoid contact with pollen: This is how you can do it all over Europe: Hay fever – The most common allergy Pollen count: Allergy sufferers should stay indoors for 30 minutes during a thunderstorm. Pollen allergy: Alcoholic drinks make hay fever worse. Hay fever: Take medication now

If you want to do more intensive sport with hay fever, you should get permission from your doctor to be on the safe side; a check-up helps to avoid any improper stress caused by sport.

Anyone who has hay fever struggles with itchy eyes or a swollen nose every spring. In many allergy sufferers, both parts are affected. In this case, combination preparations can help.

Everything you need to know about hay fever

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Combination preparations in various forms

If you suffer from both irritated eyes and a stuffy nose during the hay fever season, you can use combination preparations from the pharmacy that contain nasal spray and eye drops. In the case of agents that contain the active ingredient cromoglizic acid, it is recommended to start taking them two weeks before the pollen count begins. Instead of drops and sprays, there are also combination preparations in the form of tablets that combine antihistamines and decongestant drugs.

What you should look out for with combination preparations

If you are thinking about the use of such combination products, then you should check whether the products contain preservatives before buying. You should avoid these as far as possible because they can damage the nasal mucosa in the long term.

Allergy: hay fever- Seasonal connection Pollen allergy: hay fever- this is how you should behave in the house Pollen allergy: hay fever- correct behavior outdoors Hay fever: already take medication pollen count: allergy sufferers should stay 30 minutes in the house during thunderstorms

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