To C-Section or Not to C-Section

My baby girl Ria was born exactly two weeks ago. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to be a mother for the first time. Now that I’ve had enough time to settle into motherhood, I just wanted to write this blog to tell you all about how she was born. When I was pregnant and close to labor, I was petrified but the idea of giving birth. Whenever the topic of giving birth came up, I only heard HORROR stories. Most of these stories were not pleasant. So I really hope that my blog will help any mothers-to-be out there to dispel any fears or anxiety and just enjoy the miracle of giving birth!

I woke up at around 3.15am on Wednesday morning which what felt like an acute back pain but I wasn’t worried because I’d had these pains of and on for a few days. Slowly the pain began to occur in the abdominal area and that’s when I woke my husband up. We decided to head to the hospital even though my due date was about a week away and since we’re both meticulous planners, we had everything scheduled. We called my mom who lives quite close to the hospital and asked us to meet us there directly, called the hospital to let them know we were coming and grabbed the bag that we had packed to take with us to the hospital. I do recommend that you keep your hospital bag fully packed and handy as it saves time and a lot of stress. Just the basics will do. I could feel the contractions beginning and I started to time them – how long they lasted and how far apart they were. Luckily for us the traffic at that hour was not much and by 4.30 or so we were in the hospital. By this time, the contractions were starting to hurt more.

When we got to the hospital we had to wait for a few mins as the doctor was in another procedure but a nurse was very helpful and checked on me quite often. Then the doctor arrived and I was moved to the delivery room. She did a quick check of all my stats and told me that everything is on track and she would come to check on me in a while. Now, every time I’d heard about labor, I was always told that the average duration of labor is about 10 hours. I can’t tell you how much this frightened me! I tend to cry for days over a twisted ankle so being in 10 hrs of labor was unimaginable. My husband was quite aware of how scared I was and luckily our hospital allowed him to stay with me throughout! He kept massaging my back while talking to me and that helped me regulate my breathing. Check with your doctor ahead of time whether they have any policy regarding the husband being present during the birth.

At 8.45am, right after a really painful contraction, my “water broke”. It feels like a water balloon bursting out of you and you cannot control it. The good thing is that it didn’t hurt. Apparently for some women, the water breaks a little earlier. When the doc came back to check on me, she told me I was all set to push the baby out. It had only been 5 hours or so since my labor began! I think at that point I was so excited about giving birth that despite the tremendous pain, I gave it all my energy and pushed. It took me four big pushes and baby Ria was out! The pain stopped almost instantly! After Ria came out it took a few seconds for her to make a sound and I was petrified but as soon as I heard that first scream, I was overwhelmed with joy! The doctor had to give me 4 stitches as I had torn a little during the delivery and I was told that the soreness would reduce in a few days.

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