Spinach Pasta – The Classic White Pasta Drenched In The Goodness Of Spinach

Spinach pasta

18/08/2015 by Aruna Kamath

I am back with another recipe with spinach. Like I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I have a great weakness for this green veggie and just can’t resist buying it when my eye spots a fresh bunch on the shelves. In fact, spinach features on our menu at least once a week. One other reason I include this in our diet often is to improve my elder daughter’s eyesight. Her mounting eye power has always been a cause for concern. So, I try and give her foods that are good for her vision. Spinach is known to be a powerhouse of lutein and zeaxanthin – antioxidants that help in keeping the eyes healthy.

But the one constraint I have while repeating veggies is that I have to make sure I don’t repeat the dish in a short span of time. Else it will be met with cold glares that translate into “Not again! You just made this the other day”. So, I have to constantly keep re-inventing the dish or prepare something new. Sometimes, I just give a twist to the usual recipe. And when I run out of ideas or inspiration, I have to scout for fresh ones.

The spinach pasta was a sudden brainwave. It suddenly struck me to add spinach to white pasta. So all excited and thrilled with the idea, I bravely set forth and experimented with it for the first time on my daughter’s 13th birthday.

I still remember the day vividly. We had a surprise party for her and had invited a few of her close friends. Phew! It did take some mighty planning and co-ordination. But despite all the careful we did face a few hitches and almost gave away the surprise. However, in the end, we managed to pull it off smoothly. The pasta didn’t disappoint either. In fact, it was cleaned out in no time as compliments kept pouring in!

Come to think of it, this dish didn’t take much effort. Essentially what I did was added the same base I use for Paalak Paneer and added it to the white sauce. The trick is to add extra garlic and make it a wee bit spicy. You can use any pasta of your choice; I used Fettuccine.


For the white sauce
Pasta of your choice – 1/2 cup
All purpose flour – 1 tblsp
Milk – 3/4 cup
Grated cheese – 1/4 cup
Butter – 1 ½ tblsp
Pepper powder – ¼ tsp
Red chilli flakes – 1/2 tsp
Salt – As needed

For the spinach ‘sauce’
Spinach – one bunch
Green chilli – a couple

To make spinach ‘sauce’
Wash and rinse chopped spinach thoroughly.
Cook in a pressure cooker along with green chilli and garlic flakes
Cool and puree in grinder

How to proceed
Cook the pasta in ¾ litre of water until soft along with salt. Drain and keep aside.
Add milk gradually to the flour mix and stir continuously to form a smooth paste.
The mixture thickens in some time. Make sure to heat it on low or medium flame only
When it’s about to boil, add the cheese and spinach puree.
Mix well until the cheese melts. Do not allow the sauce boil, else the sauce may curdle
Pour the sauce over the cooked pasta, mix well and enjoy while its hot

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