Slow down supermom!

Can we help it if being a supermom runs in our blood? We are all modern day moms after all – trying to juggle a million things besides running a home, taking care of our kids and taking up challenging roles in office. Agreed, nobody can multitask better than us moms, but often in our enthusiasm to play the perfect mom role, we all try to stretch things a bit too far in the bargain compromising on our health and well-being.

Surely, there’s no escape from domestic and family responsibilities. But why go overboard with it and pull out all stops at the cost of losing our sanity? However clichéd it may sound, the adage that happy moms make happy families is true. You’ll be a better mom, wife and a friend, once you stop putting your needs last.

Make your life less hectic. You deserve better. Enjoy that hot cuppa that refreshes you, or unwind with your favourite music while swaying on that ol’ rocking chair. Finding some ‘me time’ can be difficult, but it’s not impossible!

Share the load: Unfortunately, we mothers take it upon ourselves to run all the errands, because the other person just won’t do it right – or is not responsible enough. But the whole truth is, unless we let go and share the chores, there is no way we will get out of the rut. Whether it’s paying the bills, walking the dog, doing the laundry or buying the groceries let it be on someone else’s to-do-list in the family. Delegating doesn’t mean that you are a failure as wife or mother. It means you’re trying to be efficient by dividing the work.

Car pool: Chauffeuring kids around is a huge task in itself, often not leaving you with any time for yourself or household chores. Put a brake on this back-and-forth commuting by teaming up with another friend for one way pick up or drop. This will not only ease your burden but also give you some extra time to do other pending chores.

Mutlitask only when necessary: Multitasking is something that all moms pride in doing. But did you know that actually it’s not the done thing. Social experts say that the brain is far happier focusing on one task at a time than cramming a hundred chores at once. In fact, by trying to juggle several tasks at once, we put the brain under pressure and end up being stressed, angry, and even with reduced IQ levels. Multitasking also results in reduced productivity levels – the outcomes are far poorer than when you single-task. So multi-tasking is not really the solution. Start focusing more on less.

Put first things first: There is only a certain amount you can do in a day. Achieving everything on the to-do list may be impossible. Oftentimes, everything that you need to do seems important. But you’re the best person to decide what’s priority and what’s not. So be realistic, evaluate your tasks and stay focused on only those which need immediate attention. The rest can wait.

Don’t over-schedule: You don’t have to cow down to all your child’s needs or demands. Not enrolling him in that summer cricket camp or sending him to that music class won’t make him a loser in any way.
Weigh down the options carefully before signing up for any of those extra recreational courses … because ultimately, it means running around for you. And at the end of it all, your child may not have benefitted from it at all! So think about it.

Get kitchen smart: Are you getting stuck in the kitchen all the time? Well, it only shows that you don’t believe in planning ahead. Planning and getting things organised in advance helps save a lot of time. Decide meals menus for 3-4 days at a stretch so that you can concentrate on other matters like assisting your child in her studies. While planning your menu, also makes sure that you’re sufficiently stacked up on the ingredients that you may need. This can help cut down your grocery shopping trips and you could look forward to leisurely evenings.

Stick to a schedule:. Routines are as important for adults as they are for children. So it is imperative to set a routine for daily tasks to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Once a routine settles down, you’ll see that your body automatically gets into the rhythm of doing certain activities on a regular schedule, without you having to write out a list of reminders.

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