How grandparents make a difference in our kids’ lives


Grandparents are fun to be with.  Ask any child and, he’ll agree wholeheartedly. They not only pamper a child to the hilt but also shower him with boundless love and affection.  It’s not that we parents deny them of love or affection, but when it comes from grandparents, it’s something special.

But unfortunately with the traditional joint family increasingly giving way to nuclear family culture, most kids these days are missing out on spending time with their grandparents. Our active and busy lifestyles too are significantly responsible for this – often allowing us little time to spend time with elders. Grandparents can be role models in shaping a child’s character and personality in a big way.

Here a few things that your child can gain only from his grandparents.

Moral and values: Why is that children are able to strike an instant chord with their grandparents when it comes to learning life lessons?  It’s probably because of the undivided care and attention they get from grandparents or probably because grandparents have a more loving way of putting things across. It could also be that their experience, wisdom and deep rooted knowledge have a stronger influence to instill faith and belief in the child. Whatever the reason, those little pearls of wisdom imparted through stories, advices and sweet talks will have a huge influence in shaping this thoughts and personality as he grows.

Support in times of distress: No one better than grandparents can support to resolve family issues. Whether it’s settling sibling rivalry or sorting out teen tantrums, you can count on grandparents to sort it out.  Sometimes our disciplining methods can come hard on the child and often result in a strained relationship. During these times, a child looks for a security blanket and a shoulder to cry on. And who better than grandparents can they turn to for comfort. Grandparents also possess that skill to placate the child and reason out parental actions in an assuring and affectionate manner.

Keeping traditions alive: Whether it celebrating a festival or eating together at mealtimes, kids can learn a thing or two about them from their grandparents. After all who better than grandparents know how to carry forward family traditions and keep them alive. After all, isn’t it one of the reasons why family bonds remain strong and lasted for years?

Hugs and cookies are never out of supply: When you’re going through a rough patch and you want to set right that smile curve that’s taken a u-turn you know who to turn to.  When grandparents are around, you don’t have to go too far to get that emotional support you need to pull you out of the dumps. You can count on them to lend you their ears and hear you out patiently. And you bet they can come up with just the right solution to fix that smile back.

They shower unconditional love: The only other people other than parents who can show unconditional love to kids are grandparents. The bonding and affection between grandparents and grandparents is special and deep.  It’s pure, honest and uncomplicated – since they’re not weighed down by daily stresses and responsibilities of raising a child. Research also shows that involvement of grandparents results in healthier and happier kids.

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