Your baby’s birth number will tell the personality

Birth number

Recently when I was at the dentist’s clinic waiting for my turn, I picked up a random magazine from the shelf.  I had never heard of this publication before, but it looked rather attractive in design. While flipping through it, I came across an interesting article that inked baby’s birth-date to its personality. Like any other individual, I quickly calculated my birth date and looked up the characteristics against it. And Bingo! I realized there was quite a bit of truth in it! But again, there was one part of me which thought it was too much of a co-incidence. So, I worked out the figures for my daughters and husband. Yet again, I was amazed to see a great deal of similarity in the personalities mentioned against each of their numbers.  Check it out yourself to believe it!

To calculate your baby’s  birth number …

Add up the digits of your baby’s birth date to get a single digit. For example, if your baby was born on the 29th then it will be 2+9=11; again 1+1= 2 and if a baby is born on the 20th, the birth number will be 2.

What’s your baby’s personality?

Look up your baby’s traits against the number you’ve got.

# 1 – This number is associated with the sun. It symbolizes grit, courage and determination. Babies who have this birth date will be born leaders – ambitious and original. They are self-reliant and energetic. They possess executive abilities and will be successful in running an independent business. However, there is a tendency to be domineering. They have very high expectations from others and sometimes they can be highly critical for not having the same determination as themselves. Sometimes, this behavior can alienate friends and family members from them.

# 2 – This number is related to the moon. It symbolizes dual character. Babies with this number are a caring and warm-hearted.  They are easy-going, accommodating and have a talent for working in teams; they know how to deal with people with tact and refinement. They are highly intuitive with an uncanny ability to judge people and situations. Their sixth sense helps them to overlook the negative personality in people. Their abilities are better expressed while working with others than by working alone. In the same way, they perform better in a partnership than in a leadership role.

# 3 – Babies with this number are very attractive. Many men of this personality number are handsome; women are strikingly beautiful. This number is governed by Jupiter. It symbolizes power and level-headedness. This number also denotes a confident and ambitious personality. It signifies independence, progressive thinking,  an impressive and exuberant personality. Babies with this number will be fun,charming and affectionate.  Number 3 also makes  a natural leader and successful in the society.

# 4 – Babies with this number will grow up to be very reliable. People trust them and feel secure with their judgment.  This number symbolizes strength and practicality. Babies with number will earn a lot of respect for their simple and straight-forward nature.  They will have many friends because of their honesty, but should be careful about them, because they are bound to take their goodness for granted.

# 5 – Number 5 babies are governed by mercury. it symbolize wisdom and knowledge . Mercury being lord of communication number 5 makes them very articulate.

They are quick-witted and sharp. Their energy is infectious. With their charistmatic nature, they will light up any gathering they are part of. This number symbolizes mercury which is associated with wisdom and knowledge.

They love to indulge in worldly pleasures; ove adventure and excitement. This free-spirited nature will take them places and make them a globe trotter. They are impulsive and hate leading a routine, organized life. They must stay grounded and focused if they want to be successful.

# 6 -This number belongs to Venus which symbolizes love and compassion. It makes them extremely attractive and stand out of the crowd. They have a penchant for all things fine and beautiful. Their tendency to put the needs of others before theirs makes them a down-to-earth and amicable person. They are a duty-bound and responsible individuals. They are protective about their family and their safety is priority. They have a high regard for honesty. are artistically inclined, with a strong bend towards music.

# 7 – Babies with this number are a deep thinkers and have an analytical bent of mind. They are a loners and like to contemplate their thoughts in solitude. They don’t like people gate crashing on their privacy. . With their abilities to learn, analyze, seek out answer’s to life’s important questions, they have the potential for enormous growth and success in life.

# 8 – This is number of Saturn. It symbolizes discipline, perseverance and hard work. Babies with this number are exceedingly good at what they do and have the potential to achieve great things. They are go-getters and won’t rest until they’ve achieved what they have set out for. They enjoy taking up challenges. They are inspirational and set an example to others. They may become too self-centred, arrogant, and domineering, thinking that their way is the only way. This leads inevitably to isolation and conflict.

# 9 – This is number is governed by Mars. Babies with this number will be philanthropists with high humanitarian values. They stand up to the cause of the society. They are very giving and benevolent and don’t expect anything in return. They don’t mind spending their time and energies for the betterment of the world. They will fight for justice and fairness. They are a workaholics and push themselves to go beyond their own benchmarks.