Healthy Diapering Habits During Winter

Healthy baby care

by Aruna Kamath

The winter months can be quite tough on your baby’s tender and delicate skin. The harsh winter air can damage baby’s skin and make it excessively dry and scaly. So, tending to baby’s skin and keeping it soft with moisturizers or baby/olive oil becomes all the more important.

But, what most of us don’t realize is that the skin around the genital area is sensitive to the cold and prone to infections. While it is essential to keep this region soft and supple, extra care should be taken to keep it clean and dry as well. Improper genital care and negligence towards correct diapering could lead to unnecessary infections. Cold, cough and the flu which are very common during this season can be partly attributed to lack of proper hygiene practices.

Here are some diapering tips than can come in handy to protect your baby from infections.

Change diapers frequently

The winter chill will make your child pee more often so frequent diaper change is inevitable. Wet, unchanged diapers can cause irritation and rashes, which could end up in a bacterial infection, if neglected.

Change diapers regularly and check every few hours if a change is required. Before putting on a new diaper, clean the genital area gently with a soft cotton cloth, preferably dipped in warm water. Apply moisturizer or petroleum jelly and the put the diaper on.

Disposable and cloth diaper care

Irrespective of the diaper you are using for your baby – cloth or disposable, it is important to keep your baby dry. Disposable ones are advisable during winter as they are more absorbent and keep the baby dry for longer periods.

If you’re using cloth diapers, do make sure to wash and dry it thoroughly. As far as possible, sun dry.

Keep off diaper for sometime

Keeping the diaper on through the day can end up causing rashes due to friction. So its important to air baby’s bottom by keeping it diaper free for at least for an hour or so everyday

Moisturize liberally

It goes without saying that your baby’s skin needs to be moisturized all the time. Since baby’s bottoms are susceptible to rashes, apply moisturizer in generous amounts every time you nappies. This will not only keep the rashes at bay but also keep baby’s bottom silky smooth. And remember, creams are much more hydrating than lotions. So stock up on them during the winter months, and do make sure to use skin care products that are specially formulated for baby’s skin.

Don’t overdress

To keep the baby warm, we often tend to bundle them up in layers of clothing. While it is essential to keep your baby covered in full length pants or pajamas, do make sure it’s comfy and breathable. Tight fitting bottoms can cause irritation on the skin and interfere with the diaper – making your baby cranky and irritable. Soft, breathable cottons are the best bet.

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