Cutting baby’s nails

If you’re a first time mom, it is natural that you would be nervous about cutting baby’s nails. I too was timid about snipping the nails from those tiny restless hands. But I soon realized that if I let it grow beyond a point, the baby would get hurt by scratching herself all over the face.

A newborn’s nails can be surprisingly large. In fact, some newborns enter the world with fingernails so long that they need to be cut right away. And it’s very likely that no sooner you’ve cut them, you’ll find them all grown back long enough to be clipped again!!

Expect your baby’s nails to grow very fast. The finger nails need trimming more often than the toe nails. There may be times when you have to cut twice/thrice a week.

Most parents are wary about nicking their baby’s skin while cutting nails. Here are some tips that can make your job easier.

  • The best time to cut baby’s nails is when she’s sleeping. So wait till she’s fast asleep, because that’s when her hands are limp and completely in your control.
  • Another good time to choose is soon after bath. That’s when baby’s nails are soft. So it makes your job of cutting those paper-thin nails much easier.
  • Use a baby nail clipper or a pair of baby scissors which are specially designed for this purpose. They’re much easier to handle on those tiny hands and feet than adult-sized nail clippers and scissors. Another option could be using safety scissors with blunt ends
  • To avoid cutting baby’s skin, keep the skin under the nail depressed to keep it away from the nail. In the instance, you nick baby’s skin accidentally and it starts bleeding, there is no need to panic. Simply rinse the baby’s finger under cold running water and hold it pressed for a while. The bleeding usually stops within a couple of minutes.
  • While cutting finger nails, cut along the natural curve; for toe nails, cut straight across.
  • If you decide to cut baby’s nails when she is awake, it’s better to take the help of your partner or relative. The other person can hold the baby while you can get a better grip of the little wriggly hands while cutting nails.

Whatever time you choose, make sure there’s enough light to see what you’re doing. And cutting baby nails with your teeth is a big no-no. By doing so,  you’ll be transferring  germs from your mouth onto the baby’s finger. And the last thing you want is the baby to catch an infection from this.

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