Baby laundry – how I tackled those huge piles of clothes

by Aruna Kamath

I’m overly fussy about the laundry at home. My obsession to keep clothes crisp and clean, can drive people at home up the wall sometimes. So laundry has inevitably been an essential part of my daily routine no matter what. To get them looking as good-as-new, I use my own tried-and-tested combination of detergents.

Though I hate washing clothes in the machine, I have no choice. Somehow, I have this strange belief that clothes in the machine are subjected to harsh treatment and the fabric takes a thorough beating. So I allow only the rough-and-tough variety to get bashed by the machine. The delicate ones however get spared and are hand-washed in mild detergent.

Being an extremely fastidious mom, I took loads of care to wash the kids’ clothes when they were small. No doubt, it was a daunting task, considering that mountains of clothes piled by the minute. But, believe me, it was worth the effort.

Here’s how I tackled the laundry even as I kept them shining like new.

Did I pre-wash the new clothes?
Yes i did. Baby and infant clothes could have irritants and germs on them, even though they are brand new.
It could also have remnant chemicals from the factory, as well as dirt from the packing and shipping process. There is also a high chance of bacteria and virus getting transferred by various shoppers and clerks handling the product. The only way to prevent baby’s exposure to these potentially harmful things is to wash them before using it.

What kind of detergents did I use?
Since babies have extremely sensitive skin, it is important that you choose mild detergents or soaps. Harsh detergents are not only rough on the clothes but could easily cause skin irritations and allergies.
It is also important to make sure, that detergents get washed off completely. Liquid detergents do a better rinse job than powders, which can leave behind flakes that may irritate an infant’s skin.
You could also use fabric softeners while washing keep baby’s clothes soft.

What about soaking?
Soaking baby’s clothes separately will ensure that the germs from the adults’ clothes don’t get transferred onto baby’s clothes.

Soaking your baby’s clothes in warm water helps remove the grime and dirt from the clothes easily as well as help kill germs.

Cloth diapers and nappies should necessarily be washed separately from the rest of the laundry. Soak them in moderately hot water overnight before washing.

How I tackled stains?

In general, stains should be treated when they are relatively fresh. Soaking the stained clothes in hot water and stain removal detergent can work like magic. Also sun-drying helps a great deal to remove stains.

Drying baby clothes
Sun drying clothes not only helps them to smell awesome but removes stains and naturally disinfects clothes too. Also remember to turn the clothes inside out before drying them out. This keeps them from fading.

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