8 wonderful benefits of hugging your child

Have you imagined the power of a hug? It can mend a broken heart. It can bring back hope and boost confidence. It can make you feel secure, wanted and cared for. It can lift you from the depths of depression. It can heal lonliness.  A hug can express a million things without having to say a word.  Sometimes a tight bear hug is all you need when you want to say ‘l love you’ or for that matter even a ‘sorry’. There’s something magical about a hug, and you’ll quite agree with that!

Make hugging your kids a habit everyday

Just imagine that your child has had a bad day at school. Her test marks have slipped and she’s totally upset and feeling useless. What would you do? Chide her for the bad grades? Hurl angry words and blame the child for not working hard enough? It’s quite understandable to lose your cool and yell at your child – you’ll probably have your own reasoning for this. But instead, have you tried turning the situation around by showing some affection? A hug for instance, in this situation, can make a world of difference! It can calm her down and lift up her spirits enormously.

But honestly, you don’t need any reason to hug. You don’t have to wait for a situation – or a good time to hug – either. Make hugging an everyday habit, because it keeps all the negative energies away.  And the best part is you’ll usually get one back in return.

Did you know that a hugging has several benefits? It has been scientifically proved that a twenty second hug releases the bonding hormone and neurotransmitter – oxytocin – which is nature’s anti-depressant and anti-anxiety hormone.

Here are many more reasons to hug your child

The child feels safe and secure

Hugging is nothing but an act of affection. When you wrap your arms around your child, and hold her tight, you’re only telling her that she’s safe and cared for. There’s an immense sense of comfort and security that frees the mind and paves the way honest communication.

Improves self-esteem

Hugging boosts self-esteem, especially in children. When your child knows for sure that she is loved and appreciated, it makes her feel special, wanted and important. And naturally, it works on her positively. Improving her confidence and self-worth.

It helps you deepen bonds

Any emotion that involves touch can do wonders to strengthen relationships. A hug is no different. It can greatly improve bonding and build a trusted relationship between you and child. So don’t ever hesitate to hug someone you love dearly … especially your children.

Hugging boosts immunity

You’ll be surprised to know that hugging has health benefits too. Hugging has been scientifically proved to improve the immune system and stave off diseases. When you hug someone, the gentle pressure you put their sternum stimulates the thymus gland. The thymus gland which is responsible for regulating the production of white blood cells helps in protecting the body against infectious diseases.

It helps you discipline them

When your child disobeys you or misbehaves, our first instinct is to raise our voice or our hands. Hugging in a situation like this may seem stupid, but actually do you know it can work wonders in disciplining your child. It helps you to be firm, even while expressing your love.  Children are always willing listen to you when they feel better. So placate them and make them understand with a hug.

It’s the perfect antidote to loneliness

When you child is feeling lonely and forlorn, there’s no better medicine than a hug. A hug releases serotonin levels. Serotinin is a hormone that reduces pain and sadness. When you hug someone these pleasure hormones are released into your body, which lifts the person’s mood and happiness levels. So next time you’re looking for a quick fix for loneliness, think hugs.

Hugging reduces stress

Studies have proven time and again that children with more skin-to-skin contact with their parents from birth have lower levels of cortisol, a stress hormone. This is why parents of premature infants are encouraged to hold their tiny offsprings in the hospital intensive care unit, as it is shown to significantly help improve babies’ vital signs.

Hugging relaxes muscles

A hug can release tension in by relaxing the muscles. They can take away pain and soothe body aches by increasing circulation into the soft tissues.
Now that you know the wonderful effects of a hug, don’t you think it’s the best way to start and end the day with a hug? And of course, anytime in between is a good time too! Go hug your child now!

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