9 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby is a foetus now!


This week marks the end of the embryonic stage. So your baby is officially a foetus now!

Baby’s developments at week 9

Your baby is now the size of an olive, measuring 0.90 inches and weighing a less than 10 grams. The tiny heart is now pounding fast and the heartbeat can be picked up through a Doppler. With distinct facial features, the baby is beginning to look more and more human.

Significant developments during week 9

  • All your baby’s vital organs have formed by now and are starting to work together.
  • As external changes such as the separation of fingers and toes and the disappearance of the tail takes place, internal developments are taking place too
  • Your baby’s eyes are bigger now and eyes have formed but fused. They won’t open until week 26
  • Ears are starting to develop and tooth buds form inside the mouth.
  • If you’re having a boy, his testes will begin producing the male hormone testosterone.

Sometimes, an ultrasound per

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Pregnancy symptoms at week 9

Your uterus is expanding; however your bump is still not visible. But your waistline is filling up so don’t get alarmed if your trousers or skirts aren’t fitting you like they used to.

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  • Extreme fatigue sets in during this stage and you may find it hard to stand for long. Your legs may begin to ache after a while of standing. This is normal, so don’t punish yourself. Rest your legs and whenever sitting down, put your legs up.
  • Symptoms similar to pre-menstrual discomfort like abdominal cramps and pain are quite common.
  • Morning sickness will continue for another few weeks
  • You may have frequent hunger pangs and strong food aversions too
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  • The raging hormones are bound to make you moody
  • You’ll find yourself running to the loo quite often
  • Vaginal discharge has increased by now. This will continue throughout pregnancy and nothing to be concerned about unless it is yellow or begins to irritate you.
  • Your nipples may have grown larger and the area around it – areola – will get darker. You may also see small pimples around the areola. Don’t get alarmed. These are the Montgomery’s Tubercles – which help in preparing your nipples for breastfeeding. So don’t interfere with them by squeezing or plucking them.
  •  Other pregnancy symptoms like dizziness, constipation

Important things to do this week

  • Cut down on your coffee
  • Wash all fruits and veggies thoroughly before eating
  • Keep away from unpasteurized milk and soft cheeses
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  • Undercooked meat, fish and eggs can be dangerous – so stay cautious while eating these
  • Drink plenty of water and fill your plates with high fibre food to combat constipation

Tip for Pregnancy Week 9

Will your baby be a boy or a girl? This ancient chart is supposed to predict your child's gender, based upon your age and the month of conception!
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