37 Weeks Pregnant

Baby Weighs Much More Now

week37Your baby weighs about 2,900 grams by now and measures about 13.4 inches in length from head to bottom (derrière). Though fat is still accumulating, growth is slower now. You may notice that your weight gain has decreased or ceased.

Since your baby has had the muscles to suck and swallow amniotic fluid, waste material has been accumulating in his or her intestines. Cells shed from the intestines; dead skin cells and lanugo hair are some of the waste products that contribute to meconium – a greenish-black substance that constitutes your baby’s first bowel movement.

If you’re having a boy, his testicles have descended into the scrotum, unless he has a condition called undescended testicle. If you’re having a girl, the labia are now completely developed.

After this week, you may lose the mucous plug that sealed off your uterus. The mucus plug can be lost a few weeks, days, or hours before labour and is thick, yellowish and may be tinged with blood. As the cervix dilates in preparation for labour, the plug is discharged from the body. Be sure to discuss with your doctor about any discharge you may be having.

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