36 Weeks Pregnant

So now you’ve felt more movement. Baby is getting to be more and more active by the day. What else is he up to now? Select the week of your pregnancy from below and find out the stage of baby’s growth.

Your Baby Is Full Term

week36This week, your baby is considered full-term! But your baby hasn’t stopped growing yet. He continues to develop fat at the rate of 14 grams a day. In general, boys weigh more than girls at birth.

Your baby has developed enough coordination to grasp with his fingers. If shown a bright light, your baby may turn towards the direction of the light inside the uterus

Starting this week, you may begin to see your doctor every week. He may give you an internal examination to determine if cervical effacement (thinning of the cervix) or dilation (opening of the cervix) has begun. You may experience engagement, which is when the baby drops into the mother’s pelvis in preparation for labor. Your appetite may return because the baby is no longer putting as much pressure on your stomach and intestines, and if you’ve been experiencing heartburn, the baby’s descent may somewhat alleviate it.

Will your baby be a boy or a girl? This ancient chart is supposed to predict your child's gender, based upon your age and the month of conception!
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