31 Weeks Pregnant

So now you’ve felt more movement. Baby is getting to be more and more active by the day. What else is he up to now? Select the week of your pregnancy from below and find out the stage of baby’s growth.

Eyelashes, Eyebrows And Hair Fully Forms

week31About this week, eyelashes, eyebrows and the hair on your baby’s head are visible. The lanugo hair that has covered your baby since the second trimester is falling off, although some may remain on the shoulders and back at birth.

Your baby measures about 1,800 grams and 11.4 inches from head to bottom (derrière) and would have an excellent chance of survival outside the womb if you delivered now. The milk glands in your breasts may have started to make colostrum by now. Colostrum is the thick, yellowish milk that will provide your baby with calories and nutrients for the first few days before your milk sets in. You might notice your breasts leaking colostrum, in which case you can buy disposable or washable breast pads to protect your clothing.

Will your baby be a boy or a girl? This ancient chart is supposed to predict your child's gender, based upon your age and the month of conception!
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