Month: February 2015

Your baby’s birth number will tell the  personality

Your baby’s birth number will tell the personality

Recently when I was at the dentist’s clinic waiting for my turn, I picked up a random magazine from the shelf.  I had never heard of this publication before, but it looked rather attractive in design. While flipping through it, I came across an interesting article that inked baby’s birth-date to its personality. Like any…

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18 Amazing uses of Coconut Oil for Baby and Mom

I grew up in a traditional Indian household where coconut oil was extensively used. It was one of the main tempering ingredients which gave our cuisine a distinct flavour. And if you wanted to give the dish a strong and rich ‘coconutty’ flavor, all you did was add an extra dash of the oil as…

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9 Tips to Beat Exam Blues

It’s that time of the year again where you can see children buried under a huge mound of books and cramming endlessly. What with the board exams around the corner and the pressure to perform. It’s easy to see why even uttering the word “exam” can send any student into a tizzy. What is with…

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