12 Weeks Pregnant

Baby has Reflexes


The 12th week of pregnancy is the penultimate week of your first trimester. This is also a week of dramatic changes, where baby’s reflexes develop.

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Baby’s Developments at Week 12

Your baby at 12 weeks is about the size of an apricot, measuring about 2-2.5 inches long. The development of most of the body structures is almost over. However, they still have a long way to go before they can mature.

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Developmental Highlights at Week 12

  • The kidneys have started to function, so all the amniotic fluid that the baby swallows is converted into urine
  • The bone marrow has started producing while blood cells
  • The pituitary gland at the base of baby’s brain are already at work producing hormones
  • Nerve cells are multiplying rapidly
  • The eyes have moved from the sides of baby’s head into the center
  • The intestines will make their way into the abdomen, since there is room for them now. Remember that they were outside your baby’s body till now.
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 Week 12 – Pregnancy symptoms

  • The uterus moves from the pelvic region to the abdomen area. This migration eases the bladder and allows it some room to hold a few more milliliters of urine. So you won’t find yourself rushing to the bathroom as frequently as you used to.
    Increased blood volume and pregnancy hormones work together to give you that ‘pregnancy glow’.
  • The greater blood volume brings more blood to the blood vessels and hormones increase oil gland secretion, resulting in a flushed and smoother skin. So, those nasty pimples which had made a comeback, will slowly disappear and make way for a clearer complexion.
  •  But the surge in hormones may cause pigmentation that result in dark spots appearing on your forehead and cheeks. Technically called melasma or chloasma, it is a common pregnancy phenomenon, affecting about half of pregnant women. The spots disappear/lighten after delivery.
  • You will notice that the skin around your nipple – areola – has become darker. There may still not be any relief from breast soreness, which continues into the next trimester.
  • All the pregnancy symptoms like nausea, fatigue which had plagued you during the initial months, will slowly disappear during this month.
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Things to keep in mind

  • You may find yourself getting increasingly hungry. While this is a good sign, you must remember to pay close attention to your diet so that you don’t gain excess weight. Putting on too much weight can lead to unnecessary complications like gestational diabetes, and back and leg pain.  Find out the recommended guidelines to a healthy weight gain.
  • Steer clear of junk food. Follow a balanced diet that includes fresh fruits and veggies, lean proteins and complex carbohydrates. Snack on dried fruits and protein rich yogurt.
  • You could start doing Kegel exercises to strengthen the vaginal and pelvic muscles. This will help ease labour and faster recovery after delivery.

Tip for Pregnancy Week 12

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