11 Weeks Pregnant

Individual Fingers and Toes have formed


In the 11th week of pregnancy your baby’s growing at an unstoppable pace. There’s a huge growth spurt at this juncture – with the baby already showing tiny movements. Although you can’t feel it, your baby is stretching and doing somersaults in the womb!

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Baby’s Developments at Week 11

A 11 week fetus is as big as a large sized lime, measuring about 1.6 inches. That’s about the length of your thumb. With most parts in place – from tiny tooth buds and toenails to fingernails and toes that have separated, your baby is a miniature version of what he or she will look like at birth.

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Developmental Highlights at Week 11

  • The hands and feet have distinct fingers and toes (no more webbed hands and feet!)
  • Your baby’s kidneys are functional now! After swallowing amniotic fluid, your
  • baby will now be able to pass it out of the body as urine.
  • The ears, which were way down at the neck region, have moved into position on either side of the head.
  • Baby’s external genitals are forming. But at this stage, they are ever so tiny, that the sex can’t be determined

Week 11 – Pregnancy Symptoms

  • Your morning sickness may have eased by now and you may have a better appetite. As a result, it’s likely that you may have frequent hunger pangs.
  • Your stomach is constantly growing and for some, it may begin to show a wee bit.
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  • You may find buttoning up your trousers a bit of a struggle
  • It’s normal to feel bloated and ‘gassy’ all the time. The growing uterus pushes the digestive tract and crunches them, causing abdominal discomfort.
  • Fatigue continues to weigh you down. This is because your body is working overtime because of baby’s growth activities. The best way to cope with it is to rest as often as you can.

Tip for Pregnancy Week 11

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