10 Weeks Pregnant

Nails and Hair Begin to Sprout

Week 10 during pregnancy

From the tenth week of pregnancy until week 20, your baby will be growing rapidly – increasing in size from about 2 – 8 inches from head to bottom (derrière). To accommodate all this rapid growth, the blood vessels in the placenta are increasing in both size and number to provide the baby with more nutrients.

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Baby’s Developments at Week 10

At the 10th week of pregnancy, your baby is now the size of a prune, measuring about 1.22 inches and weighing approximately 4 grams. The tissues and organs are developing rapidly. The tiny heart is beating excitedly at a rate twice as fast as yours!

Significant developments during the 10th week of pregnancy:

  • Baby’s vital organs are fully in place and functioning – though they will continue to grow and mature till the end of pregnancy
  • The inner and outer ear and eyes are fully developed
  • The webbed finger and toes begin to separate into individual digits. Limbs can be flexed
  • Tiny nails begin to form on the fingers and toes
  • A layer of fine hair known as lanugo covers the baby’s body
  • The kidneys have begun to filter the blood and form urine
  • The outline of the spine is clearly visible
  • Although your baby’s reproductive organs are developing rapidly, the external genitals of boys and girls appear somewhat similar until the end of week 11 – and can be clearly differentiated only by week 14.
  • If your baby is a boy, he will already be producing testosterone
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Week 10 – Pregnancy Symptoms

  • Your stomach continues to expand but the bump is not visible yet
  •  Your breasts continue to swell
  • Abdominal pains and aches are common as the ligaments around the uterus stretch. This could also be because of the growing baby putting pressure on your organs and muscles
  • For a few women, there could be relief from nausea.
  • Feeling of fullness or bloating is another challenge you may have to content with at this stage
  • You may notice an increase in vaginal discharge due to increased estrogen levels

Important things to do at Ten weeks pregnant

  • Increase your consumption of milk. Since your baby’s tooth buds are just beginning to emerge, eating foods rich in calcium will help in the development of good teeth
  •  It is also a good idea to include a diet containing Vitamin D to avoid future cavities in baby.
  • You may be facing constipation issues. To ease this, drink plenty of water (at least 8 glasses), include fruits and fibrous veggies in your diet.
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  • You are likely to have dizzy spells because of increased blood pumping. To counter this, make sure you keep snacks handy – it will boost your blood-sugar levels.
  • Enroll for pre-natal yoga. It a great way to strengthen and tone up your muscles


Tip for Pregnancy Week 10

Will your baby be a boy or a girl? This ancient chart is supposed to predict your child's gender, based upon your age and the month of conception!
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